Winning animation celebrations Wellington’s winds

Thanks to everyone who entered our Get Your Wellington Modo On competition! Entrants were asked to create a Computer-Generated character that embodies Wellington, using The Foundry's MODO software.  

The winning entry was from animator Tony Moore, who has won the prize pack of:

  • One year license for the full MODO Suite (valued at $1799, thanks to The Foundry) 
  • A Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet  (valued at $500, thanks to PB Technology) 
  • A Gigatyte GeForce GTX960 4GB Video Card  (valued at $500, thanks to PB Technology)
  • A three-day pass to Pause Festival in Melbourne (valued at $650) 
  • A two-day pass to AnimfxNZ 2016

Here's Tony's character, Gustin Winds!

"Gustin Winds is Wellington's most annoying outlaw! He destroys Wellington on a daily basis.

He has a warrant out for his arrest for up-skirting women and men. He blows people's hats off into on coming traffic. He made Umbrellas extinct. He hates when we try to eat outside. He causes car crashes and is known to blow small yappy dogs off cliffs. Birds are sick of his constant bullying and are starting to migrate to the Valley. No matter what you do he will find a way to whistle through the cracks in your windows."

Our judges said:

"The model has great edge flow and topology, simple but effective design, clean efficient modelling within its make up." 

"The overall playfulness of Wellington's winds, turning that into a character and incorporating the iconic bucket fountain is what impressed us with this competition entry."