Winning animation celebrations Wellington’s winds

Thanks to everyone who entered our Get Your Wellington Modo On competition! Entrants were asked to create a Computer-Generated character that embodies Wellington, using The Foundry's MODO software.  

The winning entry was from animator Tony Moore, who has won the prize pack of:

  • One year license for the full MODO Suite (valued at $1799, thanks to The Foundry) 
  • A Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet  (valued at $500, thanks to PB Technology) 
  • A Gigatyte GeForce GTX960 4GB Video Card  (valued at $500, thanks to PB Technology)
  • A three-day pass to Pause Festival in Melbourne (valued at $650) 
  • A two-day pass to AnimfxNZ 2016

Here's Tony's character, Gustin Winds!

"Gustin Winds is Wellington's most annoying outlaw! He destroys Wellington on a daily basis.

He has a warrant out for his arrest for up-skirting women and men. He blows people's hats off into on coming traffic. He made Umbrellas extinct. He hates when we try to eat outside. He causes car crashes and is known to blow small yappy dogs off cliffs. Birds are sick of his constant bullying and are starting to migrate to the Valley. No matter what you do he will find a way to whistle through the cracks in your windows."

Our judges said:

"The model has great edge flow and topology, simple but effective design, clean efficient modelling within its make up." 

"The overall playfulness of Wellington's winds, turning that into a character and incorporating the iconic bucket fountain is what impressed us with this competition entry."

Video - Writing For Animation

One of many popular events at this year's AnimfxNZ was the Writing for Animation workshop at Park Road Post Café. Industry stalwarts Rob Hoegee and Grant Moran explored how to develop a show bible and  create interesting characters and scripts, drawing on their experience on well-known shows such as Teen Titans, Thunderbirds Are Go, Jimmy Neutron and Rugrats. 

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Thunderbirds Are Go writer to share experiences at AnimfxNZ15

Rob Hoegee

Rob Hoegee

Press Release- Some parents may not equate watching TV with building a career, but for writer Rob Hoegee it led to a dream job.

Hoegee, who has written for several animated television series including Teen Titans, will share his experiences as head writer for the Thunderbirds Are Go series at the AnimfxNZ digital entertainment conference in Wellington on November 6.

“As a kid, I watched a lot of TV, so bringing a classic series to a new audience was something I was really excited about.”

Thunderbirds Are Go is produced by ITV Studios and New Zealand based Pukeko Pictures, in collaboration with world-famous Weta Workshop (Avatar, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings). At AnimfxNZ, Hoegee and Series Director David Scott, of Pukeko Pictures, will talk about how the art, direction and writing teams collaborate to produce the series, often across great distances.

“It’s a truly international production, with teams in the US, UK, Taiwan and New Zealand, but modern technology means we’re only a click away.” 

“As writers we definitely benefit from the involvement of visual artists. Storyboard artists and directors can offer ideas we may not have thought of and it helps with continuity of our creative vision.”

Hoegee says the experience has been rewarding.

“I’m constantly amazed at what Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop have been able to do on the series. There’s a proven talent base for film and TV production in Wellington and it’s now become a destination for creative people.”

Hoegee is proud that the Thunderbirds Are Go series is as inventive as Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s original Thunderbirds series. 

“It’s inventive, creative and futuristic, like the classic series. The gear, gadgets and tech are just as cool to kids watching now as they were to kids who watched in the ‘60’s.”

The series has been aired in 40 countries and its popularity in New Zealand has seen TVNZ move it to the popular Saturday morning timeslot. Since its debut in Australia in July, each episode has attracted 200,000 viewers.

Hoegee says he is looking forward to learning from others at the AnimfxNZ conference.
“It’s always nice to be in a forum of creative people talking shop, and Wellington is a fun place to be.”

Hoegee will also run a workshop for students and writers, supported by Pukeko Pictures.

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency Chief Executive Chris Whelan says the impact of sector development conferences such as AnimfxNZ should not be underestimated.

“Our screen sector is world-class. It’s important that we nurture that talent by inviting international experts to share their knowledge, and by creating a forum for collaboration.” 

The Thunderbirds Are Go series is aired in New Zealand on TV2, Sunday at 6pm.
AnimfxNZ is New Zealand’s conference for Animation, Visual Effects and Game Development experts. It is organised by Grow Wellington, a unit of the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency.

Pukeko Pictures is an independent entertainment production company focused on the development and production of excellent quality multi-platform entertainment for a global audience.  Pukeko Pictures was formed in 2008 by Sir Richard Taylor, Tania Rodger and Martin Baynton, and is located in Wellington, New Zealand. With a connection to the world famous Weta Workshop (Avatar, King Kong, Lord of the Rings), Pukeko Pictures is uniquely positioned in the creation of world-leading entertainment, harnessing the best in global talent and world-class production processes. Weta Workshop is not to be confused with Weta Digital, the VFX company owned by Peter Jackson.